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Ring Repairs

Ring Sizing

Will I see where it's been resized?

We use the latest laser technology for ring resizing, this method doesn't leave visible marks on the ring. All work includes polishing to ensure your jewellery looks as good as new.

How much?

Plain rings - from £70
Diamond/Gem set rings - from £100

What if it doesn't fit correctly?

We will size until it fits correctly at no extra cost.

Can full eternity rings be sized?

They are challenging but it's possible. If the ring needs sizing up we will either add a diamond or a plain piece of gold/platinum. If the ring needs sizing down, we will take a diamond out and return it to you.

How long should it take to size?

This depends on the ring but typically no longer than one week. If you would like it sooner we will accommodate you as best we can.

Can you do half sizes?

We can size rings to half sizes or even quarter sizes if need be.

Can it be sized down?

Yes, if it's a plain ring we size the ring down not removing any gold/platinum. If the ring has stones we will remove gold/platinum and close the ring either returning your metal or re-using it in the process.

How many sizes can it go up?

On average we can stretch/roll the ring up two sizes without seeing a difference. If it is more than two sizes, we may need to use our own gold/platinum to size the ring.

What if I have large knuckles?

There are various options available but this does depend on the shape of your finger.

What if it has been sized multiple times already?

This isn't normally a problem, if the ring is wearing thin we will try to preserve as best we can.

What if the ring is wearing thin?

We would inspect to see if the ring can be sized, if not we would offer to replace the thin parts using the existing gold/platinum whilst adding our own.

Will you use sizing beads?

Sizing beads are an option however they can cause discomfort, so we tend not to use them.

Can sizing beads be removed?

Yes, the ring will need to be sized and polished after.

Can rings with laboratory-grown diamonds be worked on?

Yes, this is the same as a ring with natural diamonds.

Polishing/Rhodium Plating

To read more on polishing and plating, click here

How long does the polish/rhodium plating last?

At least one year, however, this is dependant on how much you wear the jewellery.

How much?

From £70

How is rhodium plating done?

The item of jewellery is dipped into a solution, a small electric charge is applied which allows the plating process.

Can scratches be removed?

All scratches will be removed.

How long will it take?

No longer than 3 days.

Can you rhodium plate yellow gold?

Yes, we can, any item can be transformed white!

Why use rhodium?

The reason for rhodium plating is to remove the yellow tint from the white gold.


To read more on the importance of valuations, click here

How often should I have my valuation renewed?

For insurance purposes, every 3 years but the condition of the jewellery should be checked yearly.

How much?

£70 per item, regardless of value.

Is the value of jewellery what I paid for it?

Not necessarily, diamond and gold prices fluctuate weekly so the valuation could be more than you paid, it could also be less.

Do you offer insurance?

We do not but we can refer a company who specialises in insurance for jewellery. T H March have been insuring jewellers since 1887, click here for a free quote using our reference AL02.

How long will it take?

No longer than 3 days.


How do you engrave?

We use the latest laser technology to machine engrave.

How much?

£70 up to 15 symbols. £10 per symbol above 15 symbols.

What fonts can I use?

Most fonts can be used with our laser engraving technology, please send your design and we will replicate.

My engraving is fading, can you re-engrave?

We can re-engrave providing you send us the original design.

How long should it take to engrave?

This depends on the item but typically no longer than one week. If you would like it sooner we will accommodate you as best we can.

Can you engrave watches?

Yes, we can, it's a great gift to personalise someone's timepiece.

Can engraving be removed?

It can be removed, however, if the engraving is too deep we will use laser technology to fill the engraving and then polish the item.

Stone Replacement

I have multiple stones missing, can you match the quality?

We will match the quality to your existing stones as best we can.

How much?

This depends entirely on the size/quality of the stone required.

Will it come with a certificate?

Any diamond above 0.30 carat will come with a GIA certificate.

Can I view the stones before going ahead?

We can show a selection of stones before you proceed to ensure you are comfortable with the quality.

How long should it take to supply?

This depends on the stone but typically no longer than three days. If you need it sooner we will accommodate you as best we can.

Can I exchange my stones for new ones?

We can offer an exchange service depending on the quality of your existing stones. We would offer you a price and deduct from the total amount.

Bespoke Jewellery

What can be made and how much?

We can create anything in our workshop, from engagement rings to pendants, please send us your design and we will be in touch with a quote.

Will my jewellery come with a valuation for insurance?

Yes, we value the jewellery at retail value for insurance purposes.

How long should it take to produce?

This depends on the item but typically no longer than two weeks. If you need it sooner we will accommodate you as best we can.

Can you use my jewellery to make a new piece?

Yes, we can use your gold/platinum, diamonds/gemstones to design the piece of your choice. We return any items that are not used.

Will my jewellery be hallmarked?

Yes, it will be hallmarked by the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office in London.

Watch Services

What brands can be serviced?

We service all luxury swiss made brands, Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Breguet and many more.

How much for servicing?

Each watch is different and it's impossible to say without the watch being examined. If parts are needed the price will increase. If the price exceeds what was quoted post-inspection, we will contact you before proceeding.

Is there a warranty?

The warranty on watch servicing is for one year.

Can vintage watches be serviced?

We service many vintage watches, however, service costs can vary, as spare parts can be harder to find!

How long will it take to service my watch?

Watch servicing can take up to one month. If extra parts are required this can take longer but we'll keep you updated.

My watch bracelet is stretched, can this be repaired?

We specialise in bracelet repair, whether the bracelet needs repinning or tightening we are confident we can have your watch wearable and secure again.

How much to repair my stretched bracelet?

We would examine and quote you a price, prices typically start from £500. If you are not happy with the quote we will return the watch to you.

How long to repair my stretched bracelet?

Each watch is unique and requires an examination before a quote can be issued. We always contact you before proceeding with any work.

Can my watch be polished?

Yes, we can polish most Swiss-made watches.

Can scratches be removed from my watch?

Most scratches can be removed during the polish, if the scratch is deeper we will examine what can be done to remove the scratch.

How much to polish my watch?

Please email us at info@londonjewelleryrepairs.com with your watch model number and we will be in touch with a quote.

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Jake W

Safe to say, I will be recommending to everyone

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