Frequently Asked Questions

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Ring Sizing

Will I be able to see where my ring has been resized?
What is an average cost for Ring Resizing?
What if my resized ring doesn't fit correctly?
Can full eternity rings be resized?
How long should it take to resize a ring?
Does London Jewellery Repairs support half sizes for ring resizing?
Can my ring be sized down?
How many sizes can my ring go up?
What happens to my ring resize if I have large knuckles?
What if my ring has been resized multiple times already?
What to do if my ring is wearing thin and needs a resizing?
Does London Jewellery Repairs use sizing beads?
Does London Jewellery Repairs work on rings with laboratory-grown diamonds?

Polishing/Rhodium Plating

How long does the polish/rhodium plating last?
What is an average cost for Polishing/Rhodium plating?
How is Rhodium plating done?
Can London Jewellery Repairs help remove scratches on my jewellery?
How long does it take to do Rhodium Plating or Polishing?
Can London Jewellery Repairs Rhodium plate yellow gold?
Why use Rhodium?


How often should I have my valuation renewed?
How much does jewellery valuation cost?
Is the value of jewellery what I paid for it?
Does London Jewellery Repairs offer insurance?
How long will it take to value my jewellery?

Stone Replacement

I have multiple stones missing, can LJR match the quality?
What is the cost for replacing stones in my jewellery?
Does LJR provide a certificate for replaced stones? 
Can I view the stones before going ahead?
How long should it take to replace my missing stones?
Can LJR exchange my stones for new ones?


How does London Jewellery Repairs engrave my jewellery?
What is the cost of engraving my jewellery?
What fonts can I use to engrave my jewellery with?
My engraving is fading, can you re-engrave?
How long does London Jewellery Repairs take to engrave my jewellry?
Does London Jewellery Repairs engrave watches?
Can engraving be removed?

Bespoke Jewellery

What type of bespoke jewellery does London Jewellery repairs make and how much does it cost?
Will my jewellery come with a valuation for insurance?
How long does LJR take to produce a bespoke jewellery item?
Can London Jewellery Repairs take my jewellery to make a new piece?
Will my jewellery be hallmarked?

Watch Services

What watch brands does London Jewellery Repairs service?
What is the cost of servicing my watch?
Does LJR offer any warranty for my watch services?
Does LJR help service vintage watches?
How long will it take to service my watch?
My watch bracelet is stretched, can this be repaired?
How much to repair my stretched bracelet?
How long to repair my stretched bracelet?
Can my watch be polished?
Can scratches be removed from my watch?
What is the cost for polishing my watch?

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