Jewellery Valuation

We provide various types of valuations, including engagement ring valuations and diamond valuations for insurance purposes. Our process involves a thorough inspection and cleaning of the jewellery, where we report on its condition, size, colour, clarity and carat weight. Our team of diamond grading experts will then provide a valuation for the item, estimating its cost to replace and insure. We also supply valuations for gemstone jewellery.

What Is A Jewellery Valuation For Insurance Purposes?

Valuations for insurance purposes can give you the peace of mind and security knowing that your sentimental and valuable jewellery is protected in case of any unfortunate events. While jewellery can be highly sentimental and irreplaceable, having a valuation ensures that you can receive the appropriate compensation or replacement in case of loss, damage, or theft.

Firstly, what is a valuation?

A valuation for jewellery involves a thorough assessment to determine its current replacement value in the market. In this process, the valuer considers various factors such as the materials used, diamonds or gemstones embedded in the piece, as well as the time and cost that would be required to recreate the item.

When you get your jewellery valued for insurance purposes, a detailed report will be provided that includes information such as the materials used in the piece, its weight, and the specific characteristics of any diamonds or gemstones, including their cut, colour, clarity, and carat. The report may also include photographs of the item as evidence. All of this information is taken into consideration when determining the current market value of the piece.

The valuation report includes a professional assessment of the authenticity and quality of your item, which serves as evidence for your insurance company to provide coverage in the event of loss or damage.

Why is a jewellery valuation required?

It is advisable to insure any item that you consider valuable. In the event that you need to file a claim, your insurance provider may require a valuation as evidence of your ownership and the item's value.

It's crucial to understand that if your valuations are outdated or inaccurate, your insurance company may offer a lower payout or reject your claim altogether.

A valuation may also be necessary for personal reasons or for a private sale. If you're considering selling your jewellery, learn how to potentially how to increase your profits by up to 30%.

What’s the process?​

Before proceeding with the valuation process, a comprehensive examination is conducted to identify any damages, defects, or loose stones in your item. After the inspection, the item is cleaned using an ultrasonic and steamer to ensure that it is free of dirt and grime. With the item now thoroughly cleaned, we can conduct a detailed assessment of its condition to determine its quality and value.

Next, we weigh your item as a whole and provide a detailed description that includes the size of any stones (if applicable), their weight, and clarity. We then determine the replacement value based on current market prices, factoring in the cost of remaking the jewellery and replacing any stones to match as closely as possible.

After the valuation process is complete, we take photographs of your item as proof of ownership. We then send you a PDF copy via email and also provide a hard copy that can be picked up in person or mailed to you upon request.

How much does it cost?​

Our valuation fee is fixed at £80 per piece, irrespective of its size or value. For jewellery valuations intended for insurance purposes, we can complete the process within three days. Additionally, any jewellery item we create will come with an insurance valuation that you can present to your insurance provider.

How often should jewellery be valued?

​Whether or not your insurance company requires it, it's recommended that newly purchased jewellery includes a valuation for insurance purposes. If you possess any jewellery that you deem valuable, it's advisable to have it professionally appraised as soon as possible.

To ensure your jewellery is adequately insured, we recommend an annual check and update, with a minimum renewal every three years. In the event of a claim, if material prices such as gold or diamonds have significantly increased, inadequate insurance coverage may result in a lower payout, despite paying a high premium.

​If you're based in London Zones 1 & 2, we collect and deliver to your chosen location.​ 

Valuing your most cherished possessions will offer peace of mind in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. By having your items valued, you'll be better equipped to make an insurance claim if the need arises.

If you require guidance or wish to have your valuable jewellery appraised by experts, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.