How To Increase The Price Of Your Jewellery By 20-30%

There are many reasons you may be looking to sell your jewellery, such as inheriting an unwanted piece, or if you find you're not wearing something often enough. We can help you weigh up the benefits of cleaning your jewellery before attempting to sell.


How can cleaning help before selling?

From our own experiences, we've seen the selling of jewellery increase up to 30% more after having it polished. The condition and look of your jewellery plays a huge part in the process of the sale.

How can you improve the condition of your jewellery?

Jewellery can degrade over any period of time and chances are it will be in need of a deep clean, restoration or even repair. The following are a few things that might need to be considered before you come to sell:

Deep clean/polishing - over the years your jewellery will have built up dirt and grime that life leaves behind. Once this has been removed your item will look be given a new lease of life and be almost unrecognisable. If your piece contains diamonds - without a deep clean allowing them to sparkle in order to showcase their natural brilliance, any potential buyer will underestimate their worth and you won't be getting the right price from your sale. 

Re-tipping - this is the process of mending the claws/prongs surrounding diamonds or gemstones to make them secure - Over time many stones become loose with claws/prongs wearing thin but re-tipping can ensure they're secure and like new.

Replacing missing stones - Unfortunately, sometimes the worst can happen and stones do come loose and are lost. However, we're able to supply diamonds of all sizes, along with most gemstones, to match the existing colour and clarity, realising the item's original design.

We advise against trying to restore or repair the item yourself as it could damage it beyond repair. You can clean your jewellery using a soft toothbrush and soapy water but if it still doesn't look as good as new, best leave it to the experts.

If you're looking to sell a piece containing diamonds, a huge bonus is to have a certificate, this provides the buyer with the exact colour, clarity and carat weight, without any debate.

Unfortunately, we realise many certificates can be misplaced, however, you may still be in luck. The Gemological Institute Of America (GIA) inscribes a unique report number on many diamonds under one carat and most one carat and above diamonds.

Acquiring this report number enables us to be able to download the certificate in order to offer a far more reasonable price than what would be offered for an uncertificated diamond.

​If properly cared for it's well worth having an unwanted piece polished, but what should it cost?​

Each item should normally start at £70 but this can differ due to the size of the piece and will naturally increase if there's restoration work or repairs to be carried out.

​If you're based in London Zones 1 & 2, we collect and deliver to your chosen location.​ 

By showing your unwanted pieces some love, you can restore their beauty and even give them a much higher selling price than expected. If you would like to talk more about selling jewellery or to see what your jewellery is worth, please get in touch. 


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