Should I Have My Jewellery Plated?

Deciding whether to have your jewellery plated or re-plated can be confusing, we can help you weigh up the benefits of the process and decide whether it's right for your piece.

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Firstly, what is the plating process?

At London Jewellery Repairs the whole process is carried out by hand, by our experts, in the family workshop.

It starts with a deep-steam clean to dissolve any dirt and grime that life has left behind.

Your piece is then passed to a jeweller to have scratches and dents removed with fine emery paper, while deeper marks are infilled with the latest technology of laser welding.

A polisher will then ensure that any stones are bright and sparkling before the piece gets dipped.

Dipping involves immersing the piece in plating solution whilst applying a small electric charge, enabling the solution to attach to the metal. It is left to dry for a short period before being packaged, ready for collection.

LJR carries out both rhodium plating which is white and is used on white gold, and gold plating which includes yellow, and shades of rose gold.

White-gold jewellery naturally fades over time due to its impure nature, so rhodium plating can really transform a tired-looking piece into something eye-catching. 

To help your plating last, avoid the following:​

Wearing in the gym. Any moisture such as sweat will remove the plating not to mention facilitating a myriad of other jewellery perils such as scratching and bending.

Wearing whilst washing the dishes. This should be avoided at all costs, not only because it can easily pop off and land in the drain (no it doesn't just happen in the movies), but because it will become clogged with residue from the dirty water.

Wearing whilst showering and swimming. Again, any moisture and especially that containing chemicals will strip the plating.

​If properly cared for it's well worth having a sentimental piece plated or replated, but what should it cost?

​Each item should normally start at around £80 depending on the type of plating and the size of the item.

The list below gives an approximate price based on the item (remember for Zones 1 & 2 that includes pick up and drop to your chosen location).

Set diamond ring: £70
Earring pair: £70
Necklace (standard 18 inch): £90
Bracelet: £70

Prices are approximate and will depend on the piece and type of plating chosen, but we can always discuss this with you and provide you with an estimate.​

By showing your sentimental pieces some love with plating you can restore their beauty and even give them more of a sparkle than they had before.

Engagement Ring RepairsEngagement Ring RepairsEngagement_Ring_Resizing

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